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Salesforce Unveils Advanced AI-Driven Marketing and Commerce Solutions

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Salesforce recently revolutionized the world of digital marketing and e-commerce with the introduction of their latest AI-driven tools, Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT. These innovative solutions, powered by generative AI, are designed to help businesses deliver highly personalized and engaging experiences for their customers at every touchpoint.

Salesforce Marketing GPT: AI-driven marketing like you've never seen before

Salesforce Marketing GPT leverages advanced AI and trusted first-party data from Data Cloud to help marketers create personalized, relevant, and engaging experiences. From creating audience segments more efficiently to automating email content, Marketing GPT enables marketers to significantly improve their marketing ROI. With SEO in mind, it can also provide valuable insights for improving targeti

ng and increasing customer engagement.

Commerce GPT: Transforming the customer journey with AI

Commerce GPT, another breakthrough product from Salesforce, enables brands to deliver personalized commerce experiences at every step of the customer journey. With features like Goals-Based Commerce and Dynamic Product Descriptions, Commerce GPT helps businesses automate their growth and conversion strategies, improve merchant productivity, and redefine shopping and loyalty experiences. With a focus on SEO, this tool can also help optimize product descriptions for better findability.

Salesforce and Google Cloud: A powerful combination

Salesforce has also announced an expanded strategic partnership with Google Cloud. This collaboration will unlock the power of AI, data and CRM, giving companies the ability to integrate their own AI models with the Salesforce platforms. With the integration of Salesforce Data Cloud and Google BigQuery, companies can now use their data and AI models more effectively to predict customer needs and reduce the cost and complexity of data syncing across platforms.

A new era for payments: J.P. Morgan and Salesforce

I still remember back in my Fintech Payments years working for Ingenico how complete it would be if Salesforce playe

d an important role in payments

Well now J.P. Morgan, in partnership with Salesforce, launched a payment partner network powered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This development promises a new era of optimized and streamlined payment solutions.

With these new tools and partnerships, Salesforce continues to lead the way in digital marketing, e-commerce, and CRM. These innovations underline their commitment to helping companies improve customer experience, increase marketing ROI and continue to thrive in the digital age.

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