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You didn't unlock the full potential of Salesforce ... yet

We bring you a Salesforce Expert

that will do just that!

Do you want to know how?



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Salesforce CRM analysis & advice

It is important for companies to respond in this time of digital adoption.

Be there when your customers need you!

CRM helps you to be proactive in your customers needs


We specialize in automating business processes in which the customer relationship is central.


Feel free to contact us and tell us about your business processes challenges and let's see where we can help

Salesforce configuration & development

Our experienced Solution Architects, administrators and developers are at your service with their technical expertise.

So you don't need to worry! 

We seamlessly tailor the CRM platform to your needs ... and we go that extra mile ...


Feel free to contact us and tell us about your business processes.

Empower Your Business with Our Expert
VSA Support

Our Virtual Service Assistants (VSAs) are always ready, whether on-site or remotely, to manage, maintain, and enhance your platform.


This B2B service is designed to free up your time and take the hassle of management off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on other vital aspects of your business.

And it's not just for you – Service Integrators (SIs) can also benefit from our services. Feel free to reach out to us! Let's talk about your business processes and how we can streamline them for success.

What does a VSA,
Virtual Salesforce Assistant do?

CRMSolver's Virtual Salesforce Assistant (VSA) is a real person who is remotely (virtually) part of your team. He or She will work closely with you to fulfill your wishes, think of

  • Reports

  • Campaign management

  • Newsletters

  • Implement form (changes).

  • User Management in Salesforce

  • Or other challenges

Should this result in a need for customization? 

Our VSA's also have Apex Development skills.


For whom?

Our IT services are designed for:

Supporting the team responsible for Sales, Marketing, or Service, as well as founders and business owners who want to maximize the potential of their CRM system.

If you are facing any of the following challenges:

  1. Difficulty finding Salesforce expertise.

  2. Limited budget to acquire the necessary knowledge.

  3. Seeking to enhance your team's capabilities.

Or if you are a Salesforce customer or looking for experts to fulfill this role for your clients as a System Integrator (SI), Independent Software Vendor (ISV), or Recruiter...

Yes, we can help.

Would you like to learn more?

Schedule an online appointment, and within 30 minutes, we can determine whether we have the right solution for you.

What are the benefits of working with CRMSolver?

Safety & Trust

Maximum security, ensuring your data stays strictly within the EU or North America.


Your trust, our priority.

Flexible & Economical

Subscriptions available from 50 hours per month.

Trial period of 2 months.

Subscription suitable for budget and need.

Quality Culture

Your VSA works for your organization, so he or she knows your culture and implementation.

Speaks Dutch and English

You contribute to diversity and inclusion in Tech


VSA for Success:
How do we make a
Virtual Salesforce Assistant
a part of your organization?

Each company is unique; however, we typically identify five essential steps for a successful implementation of a relationship management system.


1. Intake


Understand your need and how we can help and find the right match for your team


2. VSA introduction


Get introduced and linked to your CRMSolver Salesforce buddy

flag_Deliver-Test_75x110_RGB Copy 3.png

3. Get started

There is work to be done!


4.Quality assurance


Guided by a CRMSolver local expert with years of experience in stakeholder management and solution delivery


5. Where else can we help?

Constantly monitoring how we could keep bringing value for you as a customer

a few of our satisfied customers

 “CRMSolver had the knowledge and network to support the Salesforce implementation when we needed it most.”

Ruben van den Brink, COO, AMS-IX


Elk bedrijf is uniek maar in de basis komen we bijna altijd uit op 5 stappen die genomen moeten worden om de relatie succesvol invulling te geven. 

Elk bedrijf is uniek maar in de basis komen we bijna altijd uit op 5 stappen die genomen moeten worden om de relatie succesvol invulling te geven. 

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